Updated manual

Added AUTHORS section to manual

Removed blank lines from man page

Minor print_disk() fixes

Minor fixes

Allow drive names longer than sd0, like vnd0

Dynamic padding

Sort drives by name

Updated README

Improved RAID support - Changed "LABEL/MOUNT" to "COMMENT" - Show status of RAID disk in "COMMENT" - Show status of RAID volume in "COMMENT" - Fix RAID support if multiple volumes exist - Added -b option to disable scanning for RAID devices

Show RAID disks

Use opendev(3) instead open(2)

Use err(3) instead of die()

Added -U option

Accept "disk" arguments

Updated README + Makefile

Removed dead code

Print fancy unicode characters

Merge "LABEL" and "MOUNT" fields

Updates README

Updated changelog

Added -a option

Redesign + Added LABEL, USED, FREE fields

Added ChangeLog + Changed README

Print Header & -n option