A few small things

Minor changes - Add dmenu_run_app script (Super+R) - Move from TERM from master.h into config.h - make install: Replace TERM in scripts

dmenu: Add -S option

Update /etc/mykshrc

dmenu: Add delimiter patch

Update /etc/mykshrc

dmenu: Add password option

pinentry-dmenu: Use strlcpy() instead of strcpy() The code for pinentry is REALLY UGLY and uses the stupid GNU coding style. I wish I didn't touch.

Minor changes

Add global "TERM" variable

Remove dwm/config.def.h

slock: Make DPMS optional

pinentry-dmenu: Remove include <libconfig.h>

Minor changes - Update /etc/apm/resume - Rename make check -> check-user - Add make check

Update dmenu_audio

Add dmenu_audio

Add Xinerama support

Fix .gitignore

Add 'make check'

Fix compiler warnings

Fix compiler warnings for unused variables

Remove support for config file

pinentry-dmenu: minor changes

Import pinentry-dmenu Changes to pinentry-dmenu: - Fixed compiler warnings and errors - Removed build system

slock: turn off display after 3 seconds